Doppio platform evolves - so does your application

Evolution is the key for success. We are busy working on new features, which we will continuously release.

One-On-One Messaging

Enable your mobile users on iOS and Android to chat with each other. We take care of the message delivery even in case the recipient happens to be offline for a while. You have the message delivery information available on the sender side

Released October 2016

Offline Support

We take care of the message delivery even in case the recipient happens to be offline for a while

Released October 2016

Media Support

Send rich media messages including images, videos, locations, contacts, etc through chat interface

Released December 2016

Typing Indicators

Build feeling of presence and responsiveness using typing indicators in real-time chat applications

Released December 2016

Public Group Messaging

Public chat groups with persistent content enables you to create social communities around your service. Users get to join and leave communities as they wish

Released December 2016

Private Group Messaging

Create and administer chat groups. Add, remove or block participants. Set conversation titles and more

Released December 2016

Delivery Receipts

Know when the message has been delivered to the recipient and when the recipient has read the message

Coming soon


Receive user specific event notifications to your backend and enable push notifications or other real-time interaction with your users

Coming soon

Voice Calls

Jump from a chat to a voice call with a simple click of a button or enable customers to call you directly from your mobile application

Coming soon

Device Synchronization

Start conversation on one device and seamlessly continue on another. User's communications with messages and histories are automatically synced across all the used devices

Coming soon

Video Calls

Create a real feeling of presence by enabling video call with a simple click of a button presence

Coming soon

Some features we are considering

  • Service to User Messaging

    Send messages from your service backend into conversations. We enable you to programmatically participate in conversations and send announcements to users. You will be notified of the delivery and user engagement with these messages in order to measure effectiveness

  • Rich Conversations

    Support for forms, menus, reviews, polls.

  • Conference Calls

    Enable multi-party conversations in your applications. Add and remove participants as needed

  • Smart Conversation Search

    Enable the users to search across the conversation histories

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