Pure communication, absolute boost for your app

Enrich your app with Doppio - a platform for all your communication needs which is safe and easy to use. Integrate chat, voice or video to enhance your product.

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Communication is Key

Integrating communication functionalities into your app will help increase your user acquisition, engagement & retention - independently of the type of app you are building.

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Features & Flexibility

Tailor your service by selecting the communication capabilities that meet your app requirements and goals. With the Doppio platform you can choose which features you want to offer to your users.

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Integration Made Simple

Doppio' simple APIs and clear documentation allows you to build a complete and scalable multi-platform communication system. You will be in total control of your user's experience.

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Doppio is a secure and scalable solution built with years of communication services experience and knowledge.

Calls and messages on the Doppio platform are encrypted, and further all data is stored securely by Swisscom in Switzerland.