Users need to communicate - keep them in your application

By integrating Doppio services into your application, you will increase customer acquisition rate, engagement and retention.

Business to Consumer

Consumers of today expect businesses to be reachable through modern communication channels. Openness and availability of the service provider builds trust and improves the user experience. Take advantage of the asynchronous communication abilities to communicate when you have the chance and let clever communication automation help you to reduce the time consumed for repeated manual tasks.

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Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce services are becoming the preferred way for people to buy on mobile devices. No more navigating through complicated hierarchies  —  it’s easier and faster to just chat with an agent or a bot. With Doppio you have all the required building blocks to serve your customers. Inform your users conveniently about order updates, appointment changes and more.

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Customer Service

Great customer service is timely, responsive and personal. Empower your sales and support teams with communication capabilities directly from your website or mobile apps. Enable seamless data flow between the communication tools and your CRM & marketing systems, using various integration possibilities offered by Doppio. With Doppio you also have a channel through which you can reach out to your customers afterwards.

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Build communities around the content and events your users love. Communication is the best way to improve engagement and retention within your user base. Doppio platform enables creation and management of communities easily and sustainably. Rich messaging with various content types enable users to freely express them selves. Bot integrations allow to community providers to enrich the consumer experience in various ways.

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Contextual Conversations

Include messaging - chat, voice or even video - to any mobile or web app. Enable your users to communicate within the context of your service without leaving your experience.

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Business Collaboration & Communication

Build modern collaboration experiences based on your teams needs.

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Don’t reinvent the wheel. See our great features Integrating into your app, we offer the most simplest messaging solution for your app.

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